Us and the Night, Three Doors Down

Three Doors Down’s new album Us and the Night which was released on March 11, 2016, is their sixth studio album and is the longest their fans have ever had to wait for an album from them as it has taken them five years to release this. Their last album, Time of My Life which was released back in 2011 was a commercial success as well as a critically acclaimed album, and their fans can only prove whether this too can replicate the former albums success. This band has never failed to disappoint thought this didn’t feel like their best work so far. They released this album on Reprise records with Matt Wallace being the Producer. Most of the recording was shared between the two studios of Blackbird Records and Rivergate Studios which are in Nashville, Tennessee. The album is made of 11 songs and so far only three have been released. The sales from its first week weren’t so bad, and the album sold over 20,000. This means that the fans were looking forward to this and the fact that Three Doors Down have built a huge fan base ever since they started out, it was only logical that they would have this kind of sales in the first week.

In general, the album is not excellent, but it would have used a lot more of what we have come to k now Three Doors Down for. It is an average album, and if you are looking for something new from them, then you might be better off just putting on their last CD and listening through. However, if you have always stuck with them for all the times that they have been in the industry, then this will be the perfect and opportune time for you to get this album. New fans will not be pulled much into this sound, and it tends to address the old fans who have always stuck with the band. The fact that Chet Roberts was on lead guitar while Justin Biltonen was on bass for the first time kind of like made the whole album sound a bit off but for the most of it was incredible. I wouldn’t rule it out entirely for any new fan out there willing to try these guys, but you have to be patient with this one.

In The Dark was the first single off the album and it was released back on January 15th, 2016 and it was well received considering that this is the first time in a few years that they have put out a track. Then “Still Alive” came out as the second single off the album on May 30th, 2016 and it didn’t also do bad for the album, it boosted a few sales for the album. The final track that has been released by the band came out on September 8th, 2016, and it was titled “Us and the Night.” In my opinion, I would have preferred they release the album titled track first. Overall it is an excellent album but not a great one. If you are a Three Doors Down fan, you will enjoy it.

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The Avatar Band, Feathers and Flesh Album

The Avatar is a Swedish metal band that was formed by two musical souls who had discovered that their band was holding them back. Avatar was brought into existence when Jonas Jarlsby and John Alfredsen decided that their current situation in Lost Soul would go nowhere as they had been left and grouped under their new moniker. Eventually, Jarlsby and Alfredsen were to be introduced to Johannes Eckerstrom and the core of Avatar would be formed. There other albums include; Black Waltz and Hail the Apocalyse

Feathers and flesh is the sixth studio album produced by Avatar and it was released on May 13, 2016. It is about the story of an owl, queen of the night and the Eagle who was threatening to bring the reign to an end. It is a kind of morality tale narrated from the perspective of the creatures and it is the Avatar’s most musically diverse effort yet.


Before they began recording sessions, it was followed by a series of updates through the band instagram account where they chronicled their time in the studio. Once they were through with the recording , the Avatar was involved in Shiprocked 2016 , where they visited the Southern United States with September Mourning and Saint Diablo. On January 30th, year 2016, they performed the song The Swarm in Dallas Texas for the first time. It was the first original song since the previous album.

The latest album that is the Avatar Feathers and Flesh is about this owl who stages war against the world in order to prevent the sun from rising. It is an allegory inspired by the effort of the famous French tale writer Jean La Fontaine. The creatures in the tale represent a part of the human psyche or varied behavior. Something bad or good happens to them depending on what they do in the story. At the end we are able to learn a lesson behind the story.

The Avatar, Feathers and Flesh Album has the following track listing


This is the first time they had a different track to introduce an album. The story starts at the end, with the owl’s regret. There are those wonderful things in metal that for people who are not able to get appears like a parody, though if you’re into it, it’s the most beautiful ever.

-House of Eternal Hunt

This is the anthem of the owl. It is her statement on how she views things. She indulges into this kind of beautiful metaphor for nature, hope and greatness, but she gets stuck on the way because she doesn’t believe in change.


-The Eagle has landed

This track is an instant gratification reward for pre-ordering Feathers and Flesh. The song introduces the eagle crushing into the world of his adversary according to Eckerstrom. In the house we sympathize with the owl, but once her enemy Eagle arrives she brags to be a Hero introducing himself arrogantly.


-New land

Here, Owl’s weakness is exposed. The Eagle threatens to eat her eggs, but flies far away from the forest to hide them. She swears to protect them but it is an empty promise. You don’t fear a terrorist attack every morning while going to school. But once it happens or not, this is something that is beyond your control.


-Tooth beak and claw

It is a gang of zombie who suffers riding the waves of Hades. Introducing the eyes , represent us at our fierce and dangerous , ready to retaliate blindly and full of range for a cause that we don’t understand.


-For the swarm

It tells about the greatness we can achieve when we work united for a common target.


Fiddlers Farewell

It is about a grasshopper that mourns the death of his friend ant. Having faced threats, anger and fear it is the first time Owl experiences loss and sadness.

One more hill

This track is symbolic, that when a great dictator can no longer keep their word, they are hanged by their followers.

Other track listing in the Avatar album Feather and Flesh include:

-Black waters

-Night never ending

-Pray the sun away

-Raven wine

-When the snow Lies Red

-Black waters


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Iggy Pop, ‘Post Pop Depression’ Review

Among the many music albums produced by Iggy Pop, the seventeenth album Post Pop Depression becomes one of the hottest. This is one of the albums that is most enjoyed by many in the days. It is amazing to know the review of the album and you are just in the best place. Loma Vista Recordings released the album on March 18th 2016. While producing the music, Iggy collaborated with Homme of Queens of Stone Age. The production of the music album was so simple and funnily enough, Iggy Pop managed to reach Homme through text message and they organized how to write the music together. The two then began to work on the album Iggy Pop, ‘Post Pop Depression’ in January 2015.


The Background of the Album

After they had communicated via phone, Iggy Pop shared with Homme some lyrics via email. Pop also managed to share some notes about his works with Bowie David. About 90 days later, the two agreed to work together to record the songs in a studio and Homme also sent some lyrics to Pop. The ideas that they submitted were incomplete and they had to work on them together so as to come up with complete songs forming the album.


The album was recorded in a period between 12th January and 9th March 2015 with a total of nine songs. The recording was done at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree over the first two weeks then the work was finalized at Pink Duck Studios in Burbank, California over the last one week. The two managed to self-finance the album. Drum tracks were recorded by Matt Helders and Dean Fertita managed to record the keyboards and guitar. Recording the album ‘Post Pop Depression’ helped Homme to cope with the aftermath of Bataclan attack in November 2015. After the long struggle of preparing the album, they were able to release it on 18th March, 2016. Homme and Pop were able to first perform their first song of the album ‘Gardenia’ on January 21, 2016 during the Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. On the adult alternative songs, the song was picked at 26. The Album was able to debut at position 17 on the Billboard 200 and this made it to be the highest charting in the U.S. This was not the end of the album’s success; it was also able to chart the highest in many other parts of the world.


It can be said that Iggy Pop, ‘Post Pop Depression’ has just picked up from where the ‘Lust for the Life’ had left. The lyrics of the songs in the album has a lot of significance since they give a reflection on the memories. The lyrics also have confessions and advice in them. According to Mr. Iggy Pop, the theme of the album is based on a legacy that a person leaves. The exact theme talks about what happens after a person’s year of service and the honor that the person gets after those years. It is quite ironical that during the recording of the album, everything was in secret but the album has just become and remained to be an act of public mourning. Just as the name, Post Pop Depression suggests, the album can be said to be awash in a fog of melancholy.


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Lacey Sturm, ‘Life Screams’

About the album

Lacey Sturm, ‘Life screams’ album features an explosive, high-energy rock album done by Lacey Sturm. Life Screams is her first solo album that highlights Lacey’s signature vocals accompanied by Josh Strum her husband and guitarist. She also works with Skillet’s Korey Cooper a songwriter and producer. Throughout the album, Lacey Sturm skillfully crafts most of her life experiences making the songs memorable, real and honest. Life Screams, the album’s hit song, and title track brings out the vocalist’s battle between light and darkness in the light of her strong faith. The lyrics and chilling vocals speak hope into a world of absolute desperation that needs to feel life screaming into the darkest places and situations.

Lacey Sturm, ‘Life Screams’ album tells stories of Sturm’s struggles, endurance and hope. It starts off with the first single “Impossible” a hard rock song that takes after the Flyleaf heavy guitar-genre, accompanied by a catchy chorus in Lacey’s recognizable vocals. The song ranked in the Top 5 iTunes Rock Songs chart. “I’m Not Laughing” is another anthemic song that is slowly becoming fans’ live favorite track while “Faith” features a rather slow song with a dynamic and powerful message. “Rot” brings out a desperate cry for salvation in an industrial-ting while “The Soldier” presents a rebellious warrior anthem brought out using a rather shriek tone. Other songs featured on the album include Vanity, You are Not Alone, Feels Like Forever and Roxanne, the album’s cover song, where Sturm spins the original reggae flavor into a slow-rock tempo. Towards the end, Sturm features an incredibly emotional song “Run to You” that displays her devout belief.

Her career

Lacey Strum was the co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band Flyleaf before leaving in 2012. Lacey’s career kicked off in the year 2000 when she started playing drums with James Culpepper. The duo worked with guitarists Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya with Pat Seals a bassist joining them in the year 2002. They named the group Passerby but due to legal reasons; they renamed it Flyleaf in June 2004. Lacey Sturm revealed her departure from the band just before the release of New Horizons album. Sturm’s 10-year tenure saw the group (Flyleaf) produce three studio albums that ranked top in the Christian and Billboard 200 album charts.

Sturm provided vocals on “Born Again” and “Run to You” tracks on Third Day’s 2008 album Revelation. She received Grammy nominations during the 52nd Grammy Awards for her exceptional work with Third Day band. Over the years, Sturm has collaborated with We as Human in their hit single “Take the Bullets Away” as a guest vocalist and published her first book “The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living.”

Personal life

Lacey Sturm was born on 4th September 1981 and raised in Arlington, Texas. She is married to Joshua Sturm, a guitarist for the band Kairos. The couple has two sons.


Lacey Sturm, ‘Life Screams’ album brings lots of memorable, melodic hard rock in a brand new way. Flyleaf fans are likely to find familiarity in Sturm’s first solo album as most of the tracks feature a mixture of hard rock songs and acoustic songwriting.


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Entrancingly Beautiful: “Gore” by Deftones

Deftones’ has finally released their latest album titled “Gore” and it has been the most engaging and intriguing record ever since the “White Pony.” Gore has been filled purposely with beautifully crafted hooks that were disguised as transitions and bridges. Like the band’s other great albums, it is yet again a result of beauty combined with brute, which then resulted for the band to be passionate enough to tear their heads off.

For a while, Deftones have been going through serious problems and a particularly rough patch among its band members. “I hate all of my friends. They all lack taste sometimes,” vents Chino Moreno. The line quoted was not from an interview, but from their song “Hole in the Earth.” Even before White Pony has been released last 2000, Moreno admitted that the band was plagued with desperate issues and fights that almost killed them.

It was in the year 1995 when the band first made an impact in the scene with the album, Adrenaline. In their 21 years in the industry, they have made drastic changes to their songs and to the band’s image. However, they have still remained true to their core. No other band explores the atmospherics of the sound that they exude better than Deftones themselves. Although you would still find crushingly heavy parts in Gore, you would appreciate the hypnotic and dreamy moments that they have inserted in the album. The seduction has been embraced by the band in their more recent work.

Gore can be considered as one of the most challenging albums when it comes to their musical canon, for at times you would witness how they used odd rhythmic patterns while vocally and instrumentally amping up distortion levels. They delivered a particularly dark tone throughout the whole album, but one cant deny the fact that Deftones has definitely mastered heavy/soft dynamics, which takes their avid fans on an epic ebb-and-flow journey and taking you with them in their waves of heaviness.

Most fans are already raving about the album opener “Prayers/Triangles.” It is hypnotic and it definitely thrives off distorted moments with Chino Moreno exceeding his famous upper register belting. The fascination does not end there though because there is yet so much more to behold! The album opener would transition into “Acid Hologram,” which is haunting and doomy and entrances the entire mood in place.

Gore has a lot of strong moments and the strongest come in the back half of the album. “Xenon” would open with an exhilarating bass and guitar work – both having accessible chorus that would make you feel like it would surely enjoy a good run on the radio. The dark and moody track, “(L)MIRL,” on the other hand, will give you a sense of longing to relationships that have turned sour.

The “Phantom Bride” opens to a spiraling and intriguing guitar line that draws the listener in with the vocal delivery and the lyrics which has made it an extremely strong cut. After which, the whole albums nears to the end with its powerful and driving cut, “Rubicon.”

Gore is not the most accessible album of Deftones, but for the fans who would sit and enjoy the disc fully, they would surely find songs that would grow on them the more you listen to it.


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