Entrancingly Beautiful: “Gore” by Deftones

Deftones’ has finally released their latest album titled “Gore” and it has been the most engaging and intriguing record ever since the “White Pony.” Gore has been filled purposely with beautifully crafted hooks that were disguised as transitions and bridges. Like the band’s other great albums, it is yet again a result of beauty combined with brute, which then resulted for the band to be passionate enough to tear their heads off.

For a while, Deftones have been going through serious problems and a particularly rough patch among its band members. “I hate all of my friends. They all lack taste sometimes,” vents Chino Moreno. The line quoted was not from an interview, but from their song “Hole in the Earth.” Even before White Pony has been released last 2000, Moreno admitted that the band was plagued with desperate issues and fights that almost killed them.

It was in the year 1995 when the band first made an impact in the scene with the album, Adrenaline. In their 21 years in the industry, they have made drastic changes to their songs and to the band’s image. However, they have still remained true to their core. No other band explores the atmospherics of the sound that they exude better than Deftones themselves. Although you would still find crushingly heavy parts in Gore, you would appreciate the hypnotic and dreamy moments that they have inserted in the album. The seduction has been embraced by the band in their more recent work.

Gore can be considered as one of the most challenging albums when it comes to their musical canon, for at times you would witness how they used odd rhythmic patterns while vocally and instrumentally amping up distortion levels. They delivered a particularly dark tone throughout the whole album, but one cant deny the fact that Deftones has definitely mastered heavy/soft dynamics, which takes their avid fans on an epic ebb-and-flow journey and taking you with them in their waves of heaviness.

Most fans are already raving about the album opener “Prayers/Triangles.” It is hypnotic and it definitely thrives off distorted moments with Chino Moreno exceeding his famous upper register belting. The fascination does not end there though because there is yet so much more to behold! The album opener would transition into “Acid Hologram,” which is haunting and doomy and entrances the entire mood in place.

Gore has a lot of strong moments and the strongest come in the back half of the album. “Xenon” would open with an exhilarating bass and guitar work – both having accessible chorus that would make you feel like it would surely enjoy a good run on the radio. The dark and moody track, “(L)MIRL,” on the other hand, will give you a sense of longing to relationships that have turned sour.

The “Phantom Bride” opens to a spiraling and intriguing guitar line that draws the listener in with the vocal delivery and the lyrics which has made it an extremely strong cut. After which, the whole albums nears to the end with its powerful and driving cut, “Rubicon.”

Gore is not the most accessible album of Deftones, but for the fans who would sit and enjoy the disc fully, they would surely find songs that would grow on them the more you listen to it.


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