Iggy Pop, ‘Post Pop Depression’ Review

Among the many music albums produced by Iggy Pop, the seventeenth album Post Pop Depression becomes one of the hottest. This is one of the albums that is most enjoyed by many in the days. It is amazing to know the review of the album and you are just in the best place. Loma Vista Recordings released the album on March 18th 2016. While producing the music, Iggy collaborated with Homme of Queens of Stone Age. The production of the music album was so simple and funnily enough, Iggy Pop managed to reach Homme through text message and they organized how to write the music together. The two then began to work on the album Iggy Pop, ‘Post Pop Depression’ in January 2015.


The Background of the Album

After they had communicated via phone, Iggy Pop shared with Homme some lyrics via email. Pop also managed to share some notes about his works with Bowie David. About 90 days later, the two agreed to work together to record the songs in a studio and Homme also sent some lyrics to Pop. The ideas that they submitted were incomplete and they had to work on them together so as to come up with complete songs forming the album.


The album was recorded in a period between 12th January and 9th March 2015 with a total of nine songs. The recording was done at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree over the first two weeks then the work was finalized at Pink Duck Studios in Burbank, California over the last one week. The two managed to self-finance the album. Drum tracks were recorded by Matt Helders and Dean Fertita managed to record the keyboards and guitar. Recording the album ‘Post Pop Depression’ helped Homme to cope with the aftermath of Bataclan attack in November 2015. After the long struggle of preparing the album, they were able to release it on 18th March, 2016. Homme and Pop were able to first perform their first song of the album ‘Gardenia’ on January 21, 2016 during the Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. On the adult alternative songs, the song was picked at 26. The Album was able to debut at position 17 on the Billboard 200 and this made it to be the highest charting in the U.S. This was not the end of the album’s success; it was also able to chart the highest in many other parts of the world.


It can be said that Iggy Pop, ‘Post Pop Depression’ has just picked up from where the ‘Lust for the Life’ had left. The lyrics of the songs in the album has a lot of significance since they give a reflection on the memories. The lyrics also have confessions and advice in them. According to Mr. Iggy Pop, the theme of the album is based on a legacy that a person leaves. The exact theme talks about what happens after a person’s year of service and the honor that the person gets after those years. It is quite ironical that during the recording of the album, everything was in secret but the album has just become and remained to be an act of public mourning. Just as the name, Post Pop Depression suggests, the album can be said to be awash in a fog of melancholy.


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