Lacey Sturm, ‘Life Screams’

About the album

Lacey Sturm, ‘Life screams’ album features an explosive, high-energy rock album done by Lacey Sturm. Life Screams is her first solo album that highlights Lacey’s signature vocals accompanied by Josh Strum her husband and guitarist. She also works with Skillet’s Korey Cooper a songwriter and producer. Throughout the album, Lacey Sturm skillfully crafts most of her life experiences making the songs memorable, real and honest. Life Screams, the album’s hit song, and title track brings out the vocalist’s battle between light and darkness in the light of her strong faith. The lyrics and chilling vocals speak hope into a world of absolute desperation that needs to feel life screaming into the darkest places and situations.

Lacey Sturm, ‘Life Screams’ album tells stories of Sturm’s struggles, endurance and hope. It starts off with the first single “Impossible” a hard rock song that takes after the Flyleaf heavy guitar-genre, accompanied by a catchy chorus in Lacey’s recognizable vocals. The song ranked in the Top 5 iTunes Rock Songs chart. “I’m Not Laughing” is another anthemic song that is slowly becoming fans’ live favorite track while “Faith” features a rather slow song with a dynamic and powerful message. “Rot” brings out a desperate cry for salvation in an industrial-ting while “The Soldier” presents a rebellious warrior anthem brought out using a rather shriek tone. Other songs featured on the album include Vanity, You are Not Alone, Feels Like Forever and Roxanne, the album’s cover song, where Sturm spins the original reggae flavor into a slow-rock tempo. Towards the end, Sturm features an incredibly emotional song “Run to You” that displays her devout belief.

Her career

Lacey Strum was the co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band Flyleaf before leaving in 2012. Lacey’s career kicked off in the year 2000 when she started playing drums with James Culpepper. The duo worked with guitarists Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya with Pat Seals a bassist joining them in the year 2002. They named the group Passerby but due to legal reasons; they renamed it Flyleaf in June 2004. Lacey Sturm revealed her departure from the band just before the release of New Horizons album. Sturm’s 10-year tenure saw the group (Flyleaf) produce three studio albums that ranked top in the Christian and Billboard 200 album charts.

Sturm provided vocals on “Born Again” and “Run to You” tracks on Third Day’s 2008 album Revelation. She received Grammy nominations during the 52nd Grammy Awards for her exceptional work with Third Day band. Over the years, Sturm has collaborated with We as Human in their hit single “Take the Bullets Away” as a guest vocalist and published her first book “The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living.”

Personal life

Lacey Sturm was born on 4th September 1981 and raised in Arlington, Texas. She is married to Joshua Sturm, a guitarist for the band Kairos. The couple has two sons.


Lacey Sturm, ‘Life Screams’ album brings lots of memorable, melodic hard rock in a brand new way. Flyleaf fans are likely to find familiarity in Sturm’s first solo album as most of the tracks feature a mixture of hard rock songs and acoustic songwriting.


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