The Avatar Band, Feathers and Flesh Album

The Avatar is a Swedish metal band that was formed by two musical souls who had discovered that their band was holding them back. Avatar was brought into existence when Jonas Jarlsby and John Alfredsen decided that their current situation in Lost Soul would go nowhere as they had been left and grouped under their new moniker. Eventually, Jarlsby and Alfredsen were to be introduced to Johannes Eckerstrom and the core of Avatar would be formed. There other albums include; Black Waltz and Hail the Apocalyse

Feathers and flesh is the sixth studio album produced by Avatar and it was released on May 13, 2016. It is about the story of an owl, queen of the night and the Eagle who was threatening to bring the reign to an end. It is a kind of morality tale narrated from the perspective of the creatures and it is the Avatar’s most musically diverse effort yet.


Before they began recording sessions, it was followed by a series of updates through the band instagram account where they chronicled their time in the studio. Once they were through with the recording , the Avatar was involved in Shiprocked 2016 , where they visited the Southern United States with September Mourning and Saint Diablo. On January 30th, year 2016, they performed the song The Swarm in Dallas Texas for the first time. It was the first original song since the previous album.

The latest album that is the Avatar Feathers and Flesh is about this owl who stages war against the world in order to prevent the sun from rising. It is an allegory inspired by the effort of the famous French tale writer Jean La Fontaine. The creatures in the tale represent a part of the human psyche or varied behavior. Something bad or good happens to them depending on what they do in the story. At the end we are able to learn a lesson behind the story.

The Avatar, Feathers and Flesh Album has the following track listing


This is the first time they had a different track to introduce an album. The story starts at the end, with the owl’s regret. There are those wonderful things in metal that for people who are not able to get appears like a parody, though if you’re into it, it’s the most beautiful ever.

-House of Eternal Hunt

This is the anthem of the owl. It is her statement on how she views things. She indulges into this kind of beautiful metaphor for nature, hope and greatness, but she gets stuck on the way because she doesn’t believe in change.


-The Eagle has landed

This track is an instant gratification reward for pre-ordering Feathers and Flesh. The song introduces the eagle crushing into the world of his adversary according to Eckerstrom. In the house we sympathize with the owl, but once her enemy Eagle arrives she brags to be a Hero introducing himself arrogantly.


-New land

Here, Owl’s weakness is exposed. The Eagle threatens to eat her eggs, but flies far away from the forest to hide them. She swears to protect them but it is an empty promise. You don’t fear a terrorist attack every morning while going to school. But once it happens or not, this is something that is beyond your control.


-Tooth beak and claw

It is a gang of zombie who suffers riding the waves of Hades. Introducing the eyes , represent us at our fierce and dangerous , ready to retaliate blindly and full of range for a cause that we don’t understand.


-For the swarm

It tells about the greatness we can achieve when we work united for a common target.


Fiddlers Farewell

It is about a grasshopper that mourns the death of his friend ant. Having faced threats, anger and fear it is the first time Owl experiences loss and sadness.

One more hill

This track is symbolic, that when a great dictator can no longer keep their word, they are hanged by their followers.

Other track listing in the Avatar album Feather and Flesh include:

-Black waters

-Night never ending

-Pray the sun away

-Raven wine

-When the snow Lies Red

-Black waters


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