Us and the Night, Three Doors Down

Three Doors Down’s new album Us and the Night which was released on March 11, 2016, is their sixth studio album and is the longest their fans have ever had to wait for an album from them as it has taken them five years to release this. Their last album, Time of My Life which was released back in 2011 was a commercial success as well as a critically acclaimed album, and their fans can only prove whether this too can replicate the former albums success. This band has never failed to disappoint thought this didn’t feel like their best work so far. They released this album on Reprise records with Matt Wallace being the Producer. Most of the recording was shared between the two studios of Blackbird Records and Rivergate Studios which are in Nashville, Tennessee. The album is made of 11 songs and so far only three have been released. The sales from its first week weren’t so bad, and the album sold over 20,000. This means that the fans were looking forward to this and the fact that Three Doors Down have built a huge fan base ever since they started out, it was only logical that they would have this kind of sales in the first week.

In general, the album is not excellent, but it would have used a lot more of what we have come to k now Three Doors Down for. It is an average album, and if you are looking for something new from them, then you might be better off just putting on their last CD and listening through. However, if you have always stuck with them for all the times that they have been in the industry, then this will be the perfect and opportune time for you to get this album. New fans will not be pulled much into this sound, and it tends to address the old fans who have always stuck with the band. The fact that Chet Roberts was on lead guitar while Justin Biltonen was on bass for the first time kind of like made the whole album sound a bit off but for the most of it was incredible. I wouldn’t rule it out entirely for any new fan out there willing to try these guys, but you have to be patient with this one.

In The Dark was the first single off the album and it was released back on January 15th, 2016 and it was well received considering that this is the first time in a few years that they have put out a track. Then “Still Alive” came out as the second single off the album on May 30th, 2016 and it didn’t also do bad for the album, it boosted a few sales for the album. The final track that has been released by the band came out on September 8th, 2016, and it was titled “Us and the Night.” In my opinion, I would have preferred they release the album titled track first. Overall it is an excellent album but not a great one. If you are a Three Doors Down fan, you will enjoy it.

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